The Fishing Bait that helps you catch more big fish than ever before!

The Fishing Bait that helps you catch more big fish than ever before!

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Catch More Fish!

The consistency is designed to be of a structure that allows you to cast out with the confidence that the bait will remain on the hook, but come off instantly when you strike to any bite.

Before you cast out we recommend that when you have the ball on the hook you then dip it in the remaining 10% of the bait so that when it hits the water tiny flakes of the dry bait sink in right next to your hook, in essence attracting fish directly to your baited hook.

We recommend that the 90% may be kneaded as much as you like throughout the day, as it prevents the bait going a bit dry and proves extremely therapeutic for any angler who likes to concentrate.

Our tubs are designed to be airtight to allow the bait to be used on consecutive days if there is some left over from the first days fishing. If you wish to store MasterBait for a long period

of time it is advisable for you to freeze it in the dry state until the day it is required.


When you get your packet of MasterBait you will also receive a measuring cup that needs to be filled with water when you go fishing. This is to be mixed with the dry mix on the day of fishing.

We recommend that you use water from the lake or river you are fishing from, but you MUST NOT use sea water. The correct measure of water should make about 90% of the bait approximately the same consistency as plasticine. The remaining 10% should be kept dry.

For each kilo purchased, you will need to add one measuring cup of water.

The paste may then be applied to the hook in a ball about the size of a large marble for large carp but smaller amounts if you are trying to catch fish with smaller mouths such as tench or bream.


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