The Fishing Bait that helps you catch more big fish than ever before!

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I spent a total of 10 hours at the lake and caught 5 times the amount of fish I would normally expect to catch. What a glorious day!

Thank you!

James Hawkins  - Northumberland

It was a normal day and I was in two minds about going out at all. I remembered that I had been given some MasterBait and thought, ‘What have I got to lose?’

When I was a little boy my father taught me a rhyme which I never forgot but which unfortunately never came true - until now.

The rhyme went like this...

“Grant Me O Lord a Fish to Catch,

So Large that even I,

When Speaking of it Afterwards,

May have no cause to Lie”.

Steve James - Honiton

5 Times my normal catch

A ‘Must’ Bait for Everyone


MasterBait enables both beginners and professional fishermen to have success they may never have dreamed of before.  Whilst a basic understanding of fishing is required, anglers no longer have to ‘bait’ an area and wait for the swim to populate.

Catch Bigger Fish!

MasterBait is a registered formula that allows anglers to approach a pond with excitement and extreme confidence. Our closely guarded secret formula has been carefully developed by experienced fisherman over the past few years. 

They have developed MasterBait which encourages most species of fish to approach your hook straight away.

Fishing Has Never Been So Easy!

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