The Fishing Bait that helps you catch more big fish than ever before!

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Copyright: Andrew Fields 2009

I have been fishing for the past 30 years in and around the Devon area. I heard about MasterBait from a friend of mine and decided to give it a try.

With my first cast I landed the biggest carp I had ever caught in this specific pond. During the day I caught 12 carp, two of which beat my previous record and, at one point I caught four in one hour!

Grant Stevens

The Beginning

Fishing Bait for More Fish, More Weight and More Fun!

As a tackle shop owner, several baits have been given to me to try.

Suppliers always promise better results and I am usually disappointed.

When I tried MasterBait I thought, ‘Here we go again.’ The results were astounding. I seemed to have a large bite on every cast and caught more fish in one day than I did in the whole of the previous month.

Dave Stewart - Stourbridge

I first made MasterBait as a lad and went to a lake where there were 17 other fishermen. I considered them all to be masters of the sport as they all had the latest gear and tackle that I could not afford.

On that day I caught 17 fish and the other guys combined only caught 1 between them. A man approached me and asked what I was using. Without thinking, I replied, ‘MasterBait’ and we both laughed as it dawned on us what I had said. I hope you have as much fun as I do. Good Luck.

Andy Fields - Creator of MasterBait

4 Carp in 1 Hour

I was a Sceptic

Get Better Results

Once you have mastered the technique given in the instructions you should have no problem catching bigger fish than usual.

We look forward to hearing about your success stories. Good Luck!

  1. Bullet Does this lake/river have large fish?

  2. Bullet What size line/hook should I use?

  3. Bullet Is the bait prepared correctly?

In recent tests carried out throughout the UK, over 90% of regular anglers reported a vast improvement on the amount of fish they would have expected to catch on a similar type of day.

However, whilst MasterBait catches several species, to attract larger fish, many factor have to be taken into account. For example: